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Hercules Fitness TM-50 Treadmill

76,000.00 73,620.00

Features Higlights

  • Motorized
  • For Incline Pushups, Reverse Mountain Climbers, Treadmill Push, Walking Lunges, Walking Plank
  • Inclination Level3
  • Color: Grey
  • Maximum Weight Support 120 kg

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Hercules Fitness TM-50 Treadmill

The best in class treadmill for home use with a powerful 2.0 hp continues duty motor .With a maximum speed of 16 km making it ideal for all purpose treadmill where you can walk, jog, run and also sprint. The different combination of workouts with in built programs makes the machine more user friendly and keep you motivated always. Well if you want to make your workout more challenging then you have 0 ~ 15{67a04e4dbe997e48c7b3043b54bbfd5d131280cfcf7ccc0165ee7bcb413eddf5} Automatic incline option which will make you burn more calories.

This hydraulic foldable treadmill is convenient to move and shift inside the house. Powerful motor Inbuilt powerful 2.0 hp continues duty provide a seamless 16 km speed –A wonderful option for users making it easy to vary between basic intermediate and advance intensity workout .

Apart from that the hydraulic folding option makes it easier for user to fold and shift the machines as desired Attractive display The extra wide single window LCD display with backlit has a heads up position making it very convenient to view the workout progress even when you are running in high intensity. Built in Music system helps you to enjoy with your motivational music during workout. To make your workout personal the machine has 12 in-built fitness programs Elastomer Cushioned Deck Provides low impact on the back and reduces stress from the hip, knee & the ankle joints

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