Best Treadmills in India

Investing in the best treadmill for home use will benefit you a lot when you don’t have enough time to hit the jogger’s park or a gym.Fortunately, the treadmills can simulate the experience of jogging or running outdoors and can give you the perfect cardio workout without you leaving your home. This can save a lot of time in your day and the good thing is that you’ll become fit and healthy with just 15 to 30 minutes workout on the running machine.

Best Treadmills for Home Use under 50000 in India

Powermax Fitness TDA-260 Multifunction Treadmill with Auto Incline
This multi-function treadmill comes with extra features like massage, dumbbell, situps and twist for trimming waist.The machine is powered by 2.0 HP continuous Green efficient DC motor with speeds up to 15.8 km/h and auto incline up to 15%. On the dashboard is a 7 inch color touch display that shows different metrics like calories, distance, speed, heart rate etc…It even supports WiFi connectivity and has AUX and USB input for playing music from your mobile or pendrive. The maximum weight is can withstand is 120 Kg.

There is a 3 year warranty on the motor and 1 year on parts & labor + lifetime on frame.


7″ Color Touch Display
2.0 HP Continuous GREEN efficient DC Motor
Speed Range: 1 to 15.8 km/h
Auto Incline: 0 to 15%
6-Level Shock Absorption with Dual Layer Running Board
Running Surface: 51 x 18 inches
Multifunction: Massage, Dumbbell, Sit-up, Twister for Waist
Others: AUX & USB input for Music, Built-in Speakers, Transportation Wheels
Maximum User Capacity: 120 kg

 Healthgenie 7 in 1 Motorized Treadmill with Multifunction

Healthgenie 7 in 1 treadmillThe machine is powered by 2 HP DC motor with speeds of up to 14 km/h and a 2-step manual inclination. It features 7 different exercise options like massager, sit-ups, tummy twister, dumbbells, resistance tube, resistance tube and treadmill.

There is a display on the dashboard that shows speed, distance, time, calories burned, heart rate etc… and includes 12 preset workout programs for weight loss. It houses speakers on both the sides of the treadmill so that you can enjoy your favorite playlist while running on the machine. The maximum weight capacity is 110kgs. This treadmill has 3 years warranty on the frame + 1 year on motor and other parts.


2 HP DC Motor
Speed Range: 1 to 14 km/h
Incline: No
Built-in Heart Rate sensor
Running Surface: 48 x 16 inches
Multiple exercise options: Massager, Twister, Sit-ups, Resistance Tube and a set of dumbbells
Quality Speakers
Foldable with transportation wheels
Max User Weight: 110 kg

Best Motorized Treadmills under 25000 in India

Powermax Fitness TDM-97 Motorized Treadmill

powermax tds 97 treadmillThe Powermax TDM-97 is powered by a 1 HP continuous DC motor with 2 HP peak and is ideal for beginner to medium level runners. It comes with 12 preset workout programs and has speeds up to 10 km/h. There is no incline option on this machine.

There is a 5.5 inch LED display that displays the metrics like speed, distance, calories, heart rate etc… It has quality mp3 speakers with Aux input. The maximum weight capacity of this treadmill is 100 kg. There is a warranty of 3 years on motor, 1 year on parts & labor and lifetime on frame.


5.5″ LED Display
1.0 HP Continuous GREEN efficient DC Motor (2 HP peak)
Speed Range: 1.0 to 10 km/h
No Incline option
Pulse Sensor on Hand Rail
Running Surface: 40 x 16 inches
12 Preset Workout Programs
Max User Capacity: 100 kg

Best Folding Treadmills under 30000 in India

Kobo TM201 Motorized Treadmill with Manual Incline

Kobo TM 201 Motorized TreadmillThe machine is powered by a 2 HP DC motor (peak) with speeds up to 14 kmph and 3-level manual incline option. There is a LCD display on the dashboard that shows time, speed, distance, calories, incline level and hand pulse rate.

There are several preset programs for different workout levels.You also have a AUX input & mp3 speakers to play music. The maximum user weight it supports is 120 kgs.


2 H.P. (peak) DC motor
Speed Range: 1-14 km/hr
3 level manual incline
LCD Display
8 Workout Programs
Running Belt Surface: 47 x 16.5 inches
MP3 speakers with AUX input
Foldable with Wheels
Max user weight of 120 kgs

Afton Motorised Treadmill BT19 with Auto Lubrication

Afton Motorised TreadmillThe treadmill is powered by a 2HP Continuous DC motor with speeds up to 14 kmp, 3-level manual inclination and auto lubrication.

There is a big spring absorption and cushion feature that helps you not injure your knees while running on the treadmill. The LCD screen shows time, speed, distance covered, calories burned, pulse rate, heart rate etc…and includes preset programs for weight loss. The maximum user weight capacity is 115 kg.There is 1 year warranty for parts and 3 years for motor.


2HP Continuous DC motor
Speed Range: 1-14 kmph
3 level Manual inclination
Running Surface: 47 x 15.7 inches
Auto Lubrication
Spring Shock Absorption and Cushion
Built-in Heart Rate Sensor
Aux and USB input for Music
Max User Weight: 115 Kg

Aerofit 1.5HP Motorized Treadmill with PWM Controls

Aerofit 1.5 hp treadmillThis foldable treadmill is powered by 1.5 HP continuous DC motor (3 HP peak) with speeds up to 20 Km/h and 3-step inclination. It comes with PWM digital concept control option with LCD display that shows heart rate, time, calories, distance, speed etc… along with 12 preset programs for cardio and weight loss.The maximum weight it can carry is 90 kg.

You’ll get 1 year of warranty on the motor.


1.5 Hp Continuous DC Motor with 3.0 Hp Peak
Digital Concept Pwm Control
Speed Range: 1 to 20 kmph
3-Step Manual Incline
Built-in Heart Rate Sensor
12 Preset Workout Programs
Running Surface: 54 x 25 inches
Max User Weight: 90 kg

Lifeline 4 in 1 Deluxe Manual Treadmill

lifeline manual treadmill indiaThis particular treadmill is not motorized and can work without electricity. So, if power or budget is a problem for you, then this manual treadmill is just perfect.

It comes with 3-level manual incline and comes with additional exercise options like waist twister, stepper and running belt.

On the dashboard is a small display where you can see the speed, time, calories and pulse rate.

This non-electric treadmill is a bit hard to use at first but after repeated attempts, you’ll get used to it and will definitely love it.

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